Gakken Sta:Ful

Gakken Sta:Ful

Company overview

  • Address: 2-11-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8419 Japan
  • TEL. 03-6431-1829
  • Established: April 1, 1994
    Fiscal year: September 30
    Capital: 90,000,000 yen
    Branch office: Osaka
      (as of November. 1. 2021)

Officers and Directors

  • President & CEO: Takahiro Fukumoto

Business overview

Stationeries and Variety Merchandise

Trendy stationeries and variety merchandise with unique designs and functions.

Workbooks and Exercise Books

Goods for kindergarten pupils for ages two and up for the ability development.

Educational Toys and Variety Goods

Goods for infants and children to enhance their creative skills and learning abilities.

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